Low-Impact Cardio + Strength
Our signature fusion class is the first in Seattle to combine an accelerated 20-minute interval ride with a 20-minute HIIT total body strength class both set to infectious, energetic and sweat-dripping tunes. We’re giving our people what they’ve been asking for and creating revolutionary workouts in the process. Our instructor’s goal is to get you to surprise yourself. See how committing an hour of your time can transform your body and your expectations of yourself

Initial Training: The Basics -Saturday, September 14th 12-4:30PM and Sunday, September 16th 12-4:30PM

Follow up training: Teaching Intensive – Saturday, September 21st 12-4:30pm

During this time you will have the chance to put what you have learned into practice, preparing a playlist before class you will teach drills to others in the program, and receive feedback and tips on expanding your skills. Add on this piece and be ready to nail your first audition and teach right away.

As a participant you will receive:

Training Manual
Study Guide
Open Studio time to practice
Opportunity to audition for Live Love Flow
5 Torch classes at Live Love Flow

Cost: $199