Roll & Restore is designed to balance the nervous system, calm the mind, and kindle your inner glow. This workshop uses restorative yoga poses and the Roll Model® Method therapy balls to uncover body blind spots – areas that are overused, underused, abused, or confused. You’ll reconnect to these areas and restore them through self-massage techniques and supportive yoga poses to release the inner grip of the muscular, emotional, and energetic bodies.

Restorative yoga is a quieting, deeply nourishing practice, done using props. The body will feel fully supported, allowing you to let go wholeheartedly, surrendering layers of deeply held tension. This workshop will help you discover and explore the underpinnings of your body to ease the pain, improve mobility, and move naturally towards a new you. All levels are welcome. No previous yoga experience needed.

The balls are used to release knots and trigger points found in muscle tissue. Benefits of self-myofascial release (SMR) include:
• Correct muscle imbalances
• Improve joint range of motion
• Relieve muscle soreness and joint stress
• Improve neuromuscular efficiency

When: Saturday, July 20th @ 2pm-3:30pm

Cost: $25,

Teacher: Katrina Sukola